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The song was written by Avion King, and produced by Nessim Pan Production

Ruth and the production

Matidde sound beautiful which narrates of love satisfaction , and at first someone may think that its a simple song.

For Ruth this was a challenging song, she was, for the first time singing a song that was asking for more than just a talent vocal abilities but vocal skills as well. 
Nessim wanted a song that could bridge between the unban and the local touch and Ruth delivered.
The video was Directed by Noise,  but produced under the gVisions management.

Songs written by john K.

Referred to as Papa,  John K. has been and still  is instrumental in naturing Ruth Ngendo's musically and spiritually. He wrote the songs that are the foundation of Ruth's break through.

Song: Mpitta (Call me)
Written by  John K.
Produced by Josh Wonder
Song: Obudde (Time)
Written by John k & Producer by Brian Beats
Song: NterEdde
I am Settled

This song has one of the nicest lyrics of love and affection, produced by Ronnie and Sonny beats, it has a low down calm melody that makes you feel like you are watching love unfold. The video on the other hand is a TALENT show, Ruth proved everyone why she is a diva, producing a performance of a supper star.